Santiago Life: November/December 2014

Besides work, I have been keeping busy! On November 12th, I got to meet up with Piper, one of my friends from my study abroad program. She is currently traveling through South America with her boyfriend, and I am so glad I got to catch her while she was in town. Check out her blog here!
10626323_1238983869889_3908471659447853812_o1483361_10152862337744948_648042825985311996_nWe had a dinner with América Solidaria staff and volunteers on the 13th, and a beach trip with one of Súmate’s programs on the 14th. I saw a play at the Centro Cultural GAM called “Prometeo,” an interpretation of the Greek myth. I giggled through most of it since I thought parts were absolutely ridiculous (la dee da supposedly an adult.) On the 17th, Katie, Alexa and I went to a salsa dance class near La Moneda. We accidentally walked into the bachata one at first…oops. We got beer and empanadas afterward, which helped with the embarrassment ☺

I recently discovered this lovely little café in Lastarria called Wonderful Café. It is adorable and they have REAL COLD-BREWED ICED COFFEE. Please note my expression of pure joy above. Two weeks ago, I went with Katie for Sunday service at Santiago Community Church, an interdenominational, English-speaking church. Everyone was very nice, and I am glad to know that it is there! We went to Jumbo afterwards since we were in the “fancy” area of town, and basically drooled over all of the imported products we found there. Barbecue sauce! Marshmallows! Bagels!

10662001_1238983549881_6101759079590338323_ochurch IMG_7149Last weekend, I spent Saturday with the Tessa’s watching the Teletón, and then went to a friend’s birthday party. Unfortunately, I was unable to watch the Iron Bowl, but I was rooting for both teams in spirit! I spent Sunday morning at La Vega. I had not been in a while, and it was really nice to go alone and just wander around a bit. I bought some excellent coffee from Café Altura (trust me, good coffee can be hard to find here) and damascos (just learned that these are apricots) from a nice lady who let me eat one first before I bought some.

I really cannot believe that it is December, and that I have already been here three whole months. I accidentally spoke to my mom and my grandpa in Spanish last week, so there’s that. This past Thursday and Friday we had an Encuentro for América Solidaria with the volunteers in Chile, Bolivia, and Ecuador. Saturday I had this super cool “We Run Santiago” 10K with some of the girls from my study abroad program, and I headed to Valparaiso on Sunday and Monday to enjoy the beach for the puente.

Sumate Pres10265617_10205327996179079_6398422084839831939_o10410123_10203103229453972_2325343175121831532_nMy birthday is also coming up! I am planning on organizing a picnic/potluck this upcoming weekend, and then having a dinner with my roommates on my actual birthday. It should be fun! 🙂 As of now, I plan on spending Christmas and New Years in Santiago with the other volunteers who can’t afford to fly home for Christmas. Katie and I have a running joke about “our Christmas” since we spend so much time together 🙂 We have talked about going to P.F. Changs for dinner on Christmas Eve, hahaha.

In other news, I recently booked flights to Patagonia! I will be hiking the W with Katie and one of our other roommates, Kari, at the beginning of February. Any tips would be appreciated! We have started to make reservations for hostels/refugios/campsites, and lists of all the food we want to buy.

Sending lots of love to my friends and family all over the world! Besos y abrazos, Alexa

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    Great blog!

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